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Nailympia Competitions Is Expanding Their Competition Roster For Nail Professionals With Premiere

Nailympia Competitions, the globally renowned competition organization for nail professionals, is expanding into three further locations for 2023, owing to a strengthened partnership with Informa Markets.

The success of the Nailympia Orlando 2019 and 2022 editions will see Nailympia Competitions at beauty exhibitions in the following locations, in line with the Premiere Shows Group’s growth across the USA:

  • Nailympia at Premiere Anaheim 2-3 April
  • Nailympia at Premiere Orlando 4-5 June
  • Nailympia at Premiere San Antonio 1-2 October
  • Nailympia at Premiere Columbus 8-9 October

This expansion comes at an exciting time, since Informa Markets announced earlier this year that it has partnered with the BolognaFiere Group and the Professional Beauty Association to deliver a landmark joint venture, promising an impressive series of beauty events in the US beauty market.

Nailympia Competitions will be hosted in seven locations for 2023; London, UK; Mexico (TBA); Düsseldorf, Germany, and Anaheim CA, Orlando FL, San Antonio TX and Columbus OH in the USA, in partnership with the world’s leading nail magazine, Scratch.

Another exciting addition to the Nailympia organization & administration team is nail artist, content creator & NailProCup Asia coordinator, Hemi Park (@sugarplumfairyfingers). “Participating in nail competitions has been a huge part of my education that has not only made me push limits, but also widened my perspective and network in the nail industry,” reveals Hemi. “I now strive to engender the same positive experience to all participants and endeavor to organize fair, professional nail competitions around the world.” Hemi’s work has been featured on the covers of NAILS Magazine and NAILHOLIC Magazine in Korea. 

Each USA competition location will offer six live competitions on the show floor:

UV/LED Gel Tip & Overlay, L&P Acrylic Sculpture (with Perfect Match), The Joy of Nails, Stiletto Nails, Salon Nails and Reality Nails.

There will be four turn-in categories, comprising Flat Art, Runway Nails, Invent A Nail Shape and Extreme Nails Styling poster. All turn-in categories will have a theme that will be announced before each event and Reality Nails will be themed on the floor during the competition brief.


Two exciting new accolades will be rolled out for 2023: the Nailympia Premiere Cup, which will require competitors to have competed at three of the four locations, and the Americas Cup that will require a competitor to have entered Nailympia Mexico and one Premiere location during 2023. This cup will be awarded at Nailympia Mexico (TBA) 2023.

Registration will open for Anaheim on 23 January 2023. There are opportunities to sponsor each location and for industry experts to join the judging panel.

Alex Fox, global director of Nailympia Competitions, comments: “I was delighted to move into talks with Premiere about expanding the Nailympia offering across the USA for 2023. I live and breathe this competition brand and have loved being part of its global evolution since I started running it in back in 2005.

“Competing is an experience that offers so much more than meets the eye; it’s not as simple as people see on the outside. Competing changes people’s careers, enhances their nail skills and offers networking opportunities on an unimaginable level. I’ve seen it truly elevate people’s confidence and industry journey, so I’m hoping that the nail professionals of all skill levels, seize the opportunity to compete in one or more of the seven locations.

“Nailympia offers great and exciting categories, with fun and imaginative themes. It fashions a fantastic panel of industry experts for each of its judging panels, who all believe in the brand and in competing. It also awards a multitude of medals, since its three division system means there are three golds, three silver and three bronze medals awarded per category. It affords the chance to accrue medals towards a series of trophies; Winner of Winners, Art Winner of Winners, Top Country Tech, Global Cup,  European Cup, Individual Top Scorer, Team Trophy, Americas Cup and the Premiere Cup (trophies awarded subject to each location).

“I feel that 2023 is the most exciting year yet for Nailympia since its inception, and I’m overjoyed to have partnered with Premiere for 2023. Together, we hope to bring back the joy and exhilaration that competing brings and to form a nail new chapter together with nail professionals across the globe.”

Scott Derbyshire, CEO & publisher of Scratch magazine, adds: “The growth of Nailympia Competitions is testament to the flourishing global nail sector, and the professionals within it that seek to better their skillset, raise industry standards and be part of something amazing.

Scratch magazine is dedicated to championing talent and supporting industry growth, and through its partnership with Nailympia Competitions, it will continue to raise the profile of nail talent and techniques. The alliance with Informa Markets serves to strengthen these profiles in new locations, and promote the nail sector to a wider audience.”

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